Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do you charge?

This varies depending on the seriousness of your PC issues.
Some things are free, including initial conversations by phone or email.

Also free is an inspection and evaluation of any computer you bring to me.
Other rates are displayed on the Services tab of my web site.

Where are you located?

I am convenient to major neighborhoods near Hwy 290 and Fry Rd. in Northwest Harris County, Texas. If you can find Buc-ee's or the Houston Premium Outlet then you can find me.

How long will it take to … ?

I work on computers in the order I receive them. This is retirement activity and I prefer to do things correctly rather than rush through in a slipshod manner. If you are patient with me you will be rewarded. You will know someone who actually cares about the result is working on your equipment and your personal data.

Can you guarantee to preserve all my data?

Simply put, no. Sometimes hard drives are too far gone. Sometimes malware and virus infestation has done irreparable damage to the Windows operating system or other important program files.

I will always try and save your data files and copy them to your new hard drive or
replacement PC. (As long as your old hard drive can be read.)

If a new hard drive or operating system re-installation is necessary you must
provide your original recovery media or purchase new Windows software. You
must also supply media with valid license keys for any applications to be re-installed.

How much is too much to spend on repair?

Unlike retail repair shops that want as much of your money as possible I will tell you honestly when I think it would be better for you to just buy a new PC, even though it will reduce my labor fee.

For example, if your hard drive dies and you don’t have recovery media then it may be wiser to buy a new PC for a fresh start.  If you choose to buy a new PC I will also help you define the criteria for selecting the right mix of performance and purchase price. After your purchase I will help you move your data files and settings from your old PC to the new one. (As long as your old hard drive can still be read.)

Why has my PC gotten so slow?

This is a sort of “good news, bad news” result of our addiction to the Internet.
Malware and virus attacks are clever and malicious. Your machine may have unwanted or even dangerous software running without your awareness.

Even when we download free programs from reputable sites we often get additional programs “pre-selected” for inclusion. Browser helpers, toolbars, utilities, you name it. If these programs run automatically every time you start your computer then your processor is busier, your memory is consumed, and your hard drive is working harder.

I can help you decide what programs to keep and what to remove. In some cases adding more system memory will help. I will recommend the best options for your PC.

Why do you guarantee your work but not the parts you supply?

I don’t have a storefront or maintain an inventory. Any parts I buy are “as needed” to repair your machine following your approval. They carry manufacturer warranties which I will pass along to you. You are free to select and buy your own parts, too. My honest opinion is that brick and mortar shops who warranty parts and labor themselves will have charged you enough money to more than cover their losses. As a retired individual who prefers to earn a fair return while saving you money, I can’t.

You don't have a store. Why do you collect sales tax?

Consulting services for computers are subject to Texas sales tax collection.
Any parts or software I sell are also taxable.

Do you accept credit cards?

No. I prefer cash but will accept local checks.

I understand that money can be tight, and that is why I will always offer you the opportunity to buy any necessary parts yourself so you can charge them if you choose.

What about my obsolete computers?

Funny you should ask. Another activity of mine is to refurbish old PCs and donate them free of charge to students, non-profits, or other qualified individuals. I carefully remove all personal files and data, even the owner registration information hidden in the Windows registry. Even if your old machine no longer works I can usually reclaim parts to use in another system.