About Me

Can one person make a difference in our area?

I hope to find out.

  • With over thirty years of experience from the days of the original IBM PC and XT,
    I have configured and deployed thousands of PCs in a global environment.
  • Help calls that others could not resolve came to me and I dug out the solutions.
  • My company considered me a great knowledge resource, until the day my entire department was let go due to an outsourcing agreement!
  • But most importantly, I have the gift of enabling people to understand their computers by translating "techno-speak" into plain, everyday English.

While I really like and understand computers, even more I like meeting and helping people. I know that PCs can be mysterious or sometimes even frustrating but they have revolutionized our lives. Using computers properly and effectively saves us time and keeps us in touch with people we care about and love.

Please give me the opportunity to help you.

As to other interests and activities,

  • I enjoy motor sports, especially open wheel racing.
  • I write and sing my own folk and contemporary Christian songs on guitar, occasionally making appearances at local open mic nights.
  • Last year I began the highly rewarding experience of student mentoring
    in Cy-Fair ISD.
  • I also recycle and refurbish discarded computers which I donate to students, local non-profits, and other worthy recipients.

Oh, did I say my friends call me the PC Doctor?