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Years ago there was a retired man in my east Houston neighborhood who was talented enough to build his own violins and who also generated retirement income by repairing musical instruments in his backyard garage workshop. Word of mouth brought him a steady stream of clients.

Mr. Thorpe never rushed or cut corners and his word was his bond. He amazed me with his skill and knowledge and I was impressed by his love for his craft and his desire to satisfy his customers.

Today "I" am that retired man and I hope to be as valued as Mr. Thorpe.

I love personal computers and I care about people. Let my thirty-plus years of PC experience and knowledge help you maximize the life and service of your computer.

This is a real "cottage industry" for me.
I work from my home by appointment only.

After years of caring for computers belonging to my friends and family they think of me as their PC Doctor. Now you can too!

I can help you with these things and more:

  • Remove unwanted software that is slowing your PC
  • Upgrade components to stretch the life of your computer
  • Make a smoother transition when you buy a new PC
  • Make your PC “Senior Friendly” with larger fonts and mouse pointers
  • Select, install, and secure home wireless networks
  • Setup your home network to share files and printers
  • Plan an effective data backup solution
  • Perform troubleshooting and basic repairs

Reach me by calling   ( 8 3 2 )  2 2 0 - 4 2 1 2

or by sending an email to   n o r m a n @ c y p r e s s p c t e c h . c o m

Sorry for not allowing a "click through" for sending email but it protects me from web bots that harvest email addresses from web sites for inclusion in spam lists.